Top 5 Vegetable Steamer Recommendation of 2019

Top 5 Vegetable Steamer Recommendation of 2019

1. Kitchen Deluxe – Vegetable Steamer Basket Bundle Set

This vegetable steamer is a nice set from the start. 
The steamboat basket is made from 100% stainless steel to make sure the item will be wholly rust-free. Nothing could ruin the meal more than finding a rust on the bottom of the utensil.

The diameter of this steamboat basket can vary between 5.5 inches and 9.3 inches, depending upon how much you expand it, and the legs are 0.9 inches long. This dimension will empower you to cook a meal for two persons. Cooking for longer won’t be a great deal of hustle since steam cooking doesn’t take long. 

With the steamboat basket, you get a safety tool for easy removal that will definitely come in handy, because one thing you surely don’t need would be to burn yourself while cooking. 

kitchen deluxe steamer

Ultra sharp Julienne Veggie Peeler that comes in the bundle will be very helpful while preparing the vegetarianism to your meal. This stainless steel high quality ultra-sharp peeler will do far better job than the kitchen knife; you’ll be done with pealing in virtually no time in any way. 

You’ll get the Steaming Cookbook pdf via email from the seller. I have not had the time to go through each of the recipes, but I already saw some that I would definitely try out. Irrespective of how hard-core of a cook you’re, you’ll find something new to try. 


  • Nice bundle with a few convenient things to consume while cooking
  • Easy to clean and store 
  • Lifetime warranty Easy removal from the bud 
  • Great price for the pack 
  • The peeler really works well 


  • Center loop for removal is somewhat less stable than I would like 
  • Edges of the steamboat ought to be duller. You will cut yourself if you’re not careful.

2. Sensible Needs – Two-Pack Vegetable Steamer

This is another pack, it comes along with one additional steamboat. 
Apart from standardly sized 5.3-9.5 inches one, you’ll get a larger 6.4-10.5-inches steamboat. The larger one may be useful for bigger meals, and you may use smaller for dishes. 

The one thing I noticed is that larger steamboat has 1.25-inches legs, which will be better than the 0.9-inches one because you can pour more water from the pot whenever you cook and you’ll have to check the level of water less often. 

Both are, of course, made from 100% stainless steel. This isn’t negotiable; I wouldn’t even consider anything that’s not steel. Which makes it dishwasher friendly which suggests less mess when cleaning. 

best steamer to buy

The pack also comes along with universal basket hook removal tool so your palms will be at a distance from the heat and steam. 

I was somewhat sad when I found that this pack doesn’t come with a life time guarantee. You may not want it, but in the event that you may get it, then why not? 


  • An obvious one-you get two steamers of different dimensions 
  • Lift handles are stable 
  • One can cook food at the same time 
  • Larger basket enables bigger dishes


  • For some reason, it cleans somewhat harder 
  • Doesn’t come with life time guarantee 
  • Lift handles could be little bigger for easier pick-up 

3. Sunsella Vegetable Steamer Basket

This one is a regular single no-additional material vegetable steamboat. It comes in a lower price, and it’s for those who only want easy and clean steamboat for everyday usage. 

It doesn’t come with a removal hook; it’s got a retractable center ring that you can catch with palms, just make sure it’s not too hot. You may also use oven mitts for additional protection. I personally think hooks are a better option, however this may work as well. 

best steamer basket

It is overall sturdy build and seems like a quality product. It has got a standard diameter of 5.5 to 9.3 inches and a height range, with legs included, of 2 to 3.4 inches. You’ll have no problem storing it, and you may even keep it on your dishware. 

Many individuals are praising the Sunsella steamers. It does hold up great so far, but from what I discovered, is that it does appear to rust over other steamers


  • Nice, simple Item 
  • Stable construct 
  • Well balanced when eliminating from marijuana 
  • It matched perfectly in each pot I attempted it


  • Basic package, not a removal hook 
  • Removal ring might burn your hand if you’re not attentive 
  • Quality is usually great, but you must keep a watch out for the rust 

4. Consevisen Vegetable Steamer Basket

This is another simple package, only the steamboat, and no additional stuff. You’ll need to do some basic assembly, however it’s only 3 screws, and you’re good to go.  Diameter is 5.1 to 9 inches. 

Consevisen steamboat basket has foldable legs with silicon protection that are 1.2 inches long so you’ll can pour more water into your kettle and confirm the level of water less frequently.

Once you’re done with cooking, simply fold the thighs toward middle of the basket and it might take less space when stored. 

It doesn’t come with a removal hook, but however it does have 2.9 inches long center post that’s utilized for this purpose. It’s designed in a way in order that you might utilize any kitchen fork to remove it with, so in my opinion, this is far better solution than the usual hook.

best vegetable steamer

You may lose the hook, but you’ll always have a fork somewhere in the kitchen. 

I like that the post is removable, so it’s more practical if you plan to take it with you on a trip. Just ensure you’ve a pocket screwdriver with you and that’s it. 


  • Foldable legs practical 
  • Silicone protection — makes it simpler to locate a kettle for cooking 
  • Center post. Quite practical and plastic makes it difficult to get sexy 
  • It only looks fine. I like the feel of this steamer


  • Not necessarily a dislike-you require a screwdriver for assembly 
  • Not elsewhere. I really liked this one 

5. GA Homefavor Lotus Steamer Basket

And lastly, we’re towards the end of the list with GA Homefavor steamboat. 
It looks nice and folds nicely, it nicely constructed and does the job more than nice. Additionally, it has cushioned legs with silicone protection and I seem to enjoy this in a steamboat. 

The diameter of this steamboat is 7-11 inches. If you plan on cooking larger meals, this is great news. Simply ensure you’ve big enough marijuana for it. 

best steamer of 2019

The hook system is different in this item as well. You’ve a center handle made from plastic that may be enlarged to defend your hands. Nevertheless, I don’t like this design just as much as I enjoyed Consevisen steamboat — this is because it isn’t fork-friendly. 

The only way to remove the steamboat from the bud is by hand. It’s designed so you don’t burn yourself, but if the water is hot enough, it could be embarrassing to remove the steamboat. 
Other than that, I was pleased with this one. Works like a dream and gets the job done. 


  • I favor the centered plastic handle. Works better for me than the metal system 
  • Foldable legs are always a win 
  • Sturdy build and good overall feel 
  • Larger size 


  • The handle might be designed better 
  • Can’t fit into smaller pots 

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