If you are like me, you probably want to travel light. A suitcase or a little carry-on bag is usually sufficient to get a quick trip.It will save you a visit to the luggage reclaim area whenever you deplane. But in case your traveling programs keep you away from home to just about per week at a time, you will want to consider bringing a full sized suitcase.

We spent days exploring which features an excellent suitcase must have before calling in top five models available in the marketplace for intensive testing. The aim? To see which ones deserve your hard earned money.

Presenting our Top 5 Best Suitcase

Suitcase Recommendations List
Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 Suitcase
AWAY suitcase
Briggs & Riley
Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler
Timbuk2 backpack
The Timbuk2 Vs Eagle Creek

For Rough Travelers: Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 Suitcase

Travelpro’s Platinum Magna 2 suitcase is the best bag to invest in right now. It is made well enough that it will endure years of holidays, back and forth from the university, or prolonged business travel. But its rugged Cordura exterior ensures it will come from your airplane’s cargo hold in one bit, no worse for wear.

travelpro platinum magna 2



In terms of measurements its 29 x 20.5 x 12.75 inches in size and weighing in at just over 11 pounds, it’s not going to fit in an airplane’s overhead bin or slip under a seat.

The 29 inches design provides 137 liter of packaging distance, that was more than sufficient to house all the things we packaged into it during testing.

Magnetic Allignments

The four wheels of the suitcase are aligned with magnets. This guarantees that most of the wheels move in the exact same direction at the exact same time, whichever way you push or pull a suitcase. Whether you are wheeling through traditions or pitching it in the rear of a rental vehicle, this bag is simple and enjoyable to steer clear.

Expandable Pockets

On the front of the Travelpro suitcase you’ll come across an expandable zippered pocket that is ideal for last minute things, shoes, or moist towels. Look inside and you’ll see that the cavernous principal compartment is flanked by 2 zippered pockets that run the full duration of the suitcase.

One is wrapped with translucent plastic, making it an excellent pick for toiletries along with other fluids. The other one is made of breathable mesh, ideal for undergarments, socks, along with other small things.

You ought to know that while this suitcase does come in a number of different colors, it is not the trendiest handbag. For something a little more fashionable, check The Big AWAY Travel Suitcase or the Briggs & Riley Large Expandable Spinner suitcase.

AWAY suitcase For an elegant jet setter

AWAY suitcase comes with poly carbonate outer shell.do not have wear in addition to fabric suitcases, however they do a better job of protecting the contents of your suitcase out of impact harm or being crushed by heavy objects in a plane’s hold.

away suitcase

In case you are searching for a fresh hard sided suitcase to take on the next adventure, we believe away suitcase is the one you must opt for.



29 x 20.5 x 12.5 inches, the massive suitcase offers just under 100 Liters of packing space, more than sufficient to hold your belonging fourteen days.


Its solid and flexible poly carbonate outer shell is available in a broad range of colour.

Interior Pockets

There are not any pockets on the exterior of this suitcase, however the rugged interior includes pockets that will helps assisting in keeping your belongings organized while you are on the road.

Laundry Beg

As your trip wears on, you will be capable to distinguish your dirty garments from your clean items utilizing the suitcase’s comprised laundry tote.


once you are done with packing your stuff, Use a combination lock to secure your belongings.

The only challenge of Big Travel AWAY suitcase is that its wheels did not always track nicely on rough terrain, however this isn’t a significant enough problem to help prevent us from recommending it.

Briggs & Riley

briggs and riley luggage


Inner Mechanism

We also loved its inner expansion/compression mechanism because it made it a breeze to dimension the suitcase to suit our needs.

Smooth Zippers

The smooth sliding zippers along with sueded handle gave a feeling of luxury on touching.

But as luxe as the Briggs & Riley felt, it could not compete with the many organizational options that Travelpro Platinum Magna-2 have.

Apart from this, I kept accidentally retracting the extendable handle while I was wheeling the bag around supplies. That button really needs to be re positioned.

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler

Not everybody takes place in their house for a full size eagle creek cargo hauler. For space conscious shoppers, a large rolling duffel bag can be a good alternative.

eagle creek cargo hauler



The Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel is featherweight at just a hair over 3 pounds, and may be wrapped up to size a number of boxes of cereal thanks to an included storage case. When deployed for use, the cargo forklift has 90 liter capacity and may be used with a set of integrated back pack straps or by towing it around on small wheels.

Bag Strap

When wheeling the bag, you can pull it using one of the back pack straps or a dedicated handle sewn into the lid.

Non Traditional Handle

The dump truck is surprisingly smart, considering that it lacks the traditional retractable handle, but it is surely less than ideal if you need to haul it through a large airport terminal or several blocks from a train station.

Timbuk2 backpack

Made from light-weight, water resistant material, the Timbuk2 Quest should provide users with years of service through hard travel. As the Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler, the Quest Rolling Duffel can be shuttled around through a pair of padded back pack straps, or on a pair of chunky wheels.

timbuk 2 backpack



The Timbuk 2 Rolling Duffel can only store around 60 litre of clothing and sundries. It had been able to fit all the clothes that our tests required, but just barely.

Padded Back Pack strap

As the Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler, the Quest Rolling Duffel can be shuttled around through a pair of padded back pack straps, or on a pair of chunky wheels. I especially liked how far the wheels on Rolling Duffel sticks out.Since they made it easy to pull the fully loaded bag down and up flights of stairs.

Retractable Handle

it has retractable handle which make it simpler move.

The Timbuk2 Vs Eagle Creek

Sadly, the handle’s inclusion results in others compromises:

First, the Timbuk2 doesn’t squished down nearly as little as the Eagle Creek when the time comes to put it away, the handle makes sure of that.

Second of all, the handle takes up many of the interior space. Although it’s overall dimensions are comparable to those of the Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler.




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