If you would like to make use of all the advantages given below, you should get the best watermelon slicer that can be found on the market (or at least among the best). We purchased one which was rather cheap but lasted only one season before it was utterly destroyed by rust. 
Therefore, so as to steer clear of such mistakes look for the following characteristics that all the best watermelon slicers include: 

watermelon slicer

1. Watermelon Slicer Made of Rust Resistant Food Grade Materials 

Rust on your own kitchen utensils may seriously endanger your health. For that reason, as far as the materials are concerned, I opt for stainless steel, as always. It’s rust resistant and easy to keep. No stains and no rust – what else could you need from a metal? 

In addition to being rustproof, the watermelon slicer has to be made with food grade materials too. This goes for handle too, as it often comes directly in contact with the watermelon as well.

best Watermelon Slicer

Consequently, ensure that the plastic and silicone parts are all BPA-free and without any toxicity compounds. 

I advise you to steer clear of slicers which are completely made from plastic as they may be rather flimsy and don’t last long. 

2. Watermelon Slicer With Strong Cutting Wire 

A watermelon slicer is quite comparable to a cheese slicer and has got the exact same cutting cord or a thin pole in its own place. This cutting edge wire has to be strong and made from durable material.

best watermelon slicer to buy

In this way, your wslicer will last you a life time. 

3. Watermelon Slicer Is Easy To Clean 

Your watermelon slicer can be made from pure gold, but when it is badly designed and parts of watermelon keep getting stuck in hard to reach, tight spaces, ideal for all sorts of germs to develop, your well being will be compromised. 

easy to clean watermelon slicer

The best wslicer should, therefore, be simple to clean, and needless to say, dishwasher safe (you would love to keep your manicure safe too!)

4. Extra Features/ Versatility Of A Watermelon Slicer

The more add-ons you receive, the more you may express your imagination. Watermelon carvers and ballers might help you make distinctive slices and impress your guest. It’s particularly vital for all those among you who are into decorative plating or own catering business. 

extra features watermelon slicer

5. Comfortable, Non-Slip Handle Of A Watermelon Slicer 

You would love to be capable to manipulate the slicer nicely while dividing the flesh of a watermelon; a good deal will allow for that. The best choice is going to be a rubber handle, but an epoxy is also a fantastic option. They’ll be comfortable and won’t feel slippery even when wet

comfortable watermelon slicer

6. Length Of The Watermelon Slicer

Watermelons are available in many sizes, along with your watermelon slicer ought to be capable to cut through nearly all them with victory. Consequently it’s significant to contemplate the duration of the very part, but additionally the general duration of the slicer. 

Length Of The Watermelon Slicer



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