Let’s be sincere, with regardless of how hard you try, you just cannot get the appropriate and same bit of cheese whenever you cut it. That could be the first common problem whenever you take the knife and go for a piece of cheese, so this is why you need a slicer.

The 2nd is – whenever you cut the cheese with the knife, there’ll be a few leftovers on the blade, forcing you to clean it before you cut on the next bit. And if you have to prepare the cheese for friends or family coming by, well, the tension naturally increases.

So, what’s the solution?

The answer is quite simple because it’s time to get one utensil which will alleviate the cutting of the delicious treat. 

best slicer

Looking For the Perfect Cheese Slicer?

Stay with us as we look to find the best cheese slicer.

Obviously, the simplest way to get a fantastic piece of cheese is to purchase the pre sliced and packaged cheese. But, every cheese enthusiast and admirer know he may get the best flavour if he dismisses the cheese by himself.

Therefore, the broad range of goods can be difficult and troublesome and get the right one for your requirements can end up being a complicated task.

It’s quite common that the first features you’ll look for are the substances of which the cheese slicer consists. Mainly, all slicers are curved in 3 categories when it boils down to construction, plus they’re wooden, marble and stainless steel

Types of Cheese Slicers

Wooden cheese slicer is light-weight, plus they’re considered to be protected from any germs. Marble cheese slicers seem beautiful, plus they’ve a stylist or look designer, but they’re thick and durable.

Stainless steel slicers typically have a wire that cuts the cheese in pieces. They’re durable and rust free utensils.

Types Of Cheese Slicers Existing At The Market

Before we make the following step with looking into the best products, it’s time to see the three main kinds of cheese slicers which you can found on the marketplace.

Like with every other utensil, it’s wonderful to know these tools are there to suit your requirements and the types of cheese you would like to cut and prepare for the serving.

Consequently, if you require getting a piece of soft cheese, then you’ll use wire or rolling cheese slicer, or airplane slicer for hard and semi hard cheese. It is pretty much simple and simple as it sounds.

Rolling Cheese Slicer

Rolling Cheese Slicer, the fundamental design of this kind of cheese slicer is making it seem as the letter T.

The construction divides into 3 components – the body, the roll along with the stainless steel cable. The roller is connected to the body with two poles on the side and generally is flexible to provide a different thickness of the slice.

Rolling Cheese Slicer

The utilization of rolling cheese slicers is pretty much simple. Put the cheese in front of you then pull the roller across the surface of the cheese towards you.

The roll will roll and in the exact same time cut the cheese without leaving some crumbles on the surface of the slice.

You are able to use the rolling cheese slicer on soft and semi hard cheese however remember to do that whilst the cheese is chilly.

Additionally, you may readily cut the hard cheese with rolling slicers, but take notice that the cheese must rest in the room average temperature for some time so that you can cut it easily.

Lastly, these cheese slicers are small and compact, plus they do not require much space for storing.

Wire Cheese Slicer

Wire Cheese Slicer, a block of cheddar cheese pieces of cheddar cheese and a cheese slicer on a plate. This kind of cheese slicer will need more space to function with it, but be sure the performance will provide you hover, right and clean pieces of the cheese.

Wire Cheese Slicer

The construction of the cable slicer is made up of plane board along with also an attached arm with the stainless steel cable that cuts the cheese.

With thanks to the larger dimensions, they’re fantastic for cutting the bigger cubes of cheese. Plane Cheese Slicer. A wire cheese cutter being used to slice a few Munster cheese.

The Airplane Cheese Slicer

The airplane cheese slicer has a sturdy structure which consists of the handle and the top flat part which has the blade in the middle of the wedge.

The pieces will come with a shave cheese, however, the pieces will not be so nice looking as with the rolling or cable cheese slicers.

The company blade of the slicer is not broad, so the cheese will probably come out narrower and typically wrapped up.

The Airplane Cheese Slicer

Hard or semi hard cheese is simple to cut with the airplane slicer, but whenever you use it on soft cheese, then it could tear the pieces. But many of those products come with the non-stick surface of the blade to offer clean, but textured piece.




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