Lightroom is used for optimizing and enhancing images, it might be used to add results that were beautiful and brighten your pictures to make them seem more and dreamy professional. For this collection, we analyzed a set of Lightroom presets that were airy and light that will assist apply bright and soft effects. Every one of those presets can add a vibrant feel and look without affecting images of natural colors. Whether you’re working on portrait photography, or wedding, newborn, you’ll find lots of choices in this Lightroom presets and overlays group to improve your pictures. Assessing portraits is a job that most designers struggle with. 

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Lightroom Presets and Overlays

Wallpapers and mainly because images conditions need several sorts of optimizations. This Lightroom presets package will assist speed up that process. The presets in this pack will assist you to avoid that problem. The pack comes without washing out its colours along with 11 presets that add a light and clean look to your images. Although airy and light is the post’s subject adding a bit of toning can make your images look even more amazing also. 11 effects that will help you do exactly that are featured by this Lightroom presets package. They’re most appropriate for enhancing outdoor portraits, wedding pictures, and travel photos. 

Many individuals go to studios or employ professionals to catch their memories since they want images to seem professional, although we’ve digital cameras and mobile phones. Since the editor or photographer expectations. This Lightroom presets are designed only for professional and studio photography. Searching for a preset to create your pictures look both bright and colorful? Look no further. This pack of Lightroom presets includes optimization and toning effects which not only gives your along to make them more vibrant pictures light and airy look but additionally bring out its colors to make them more vibrant. The bundle includes 7 various effects with various styles. 

With regards and make them seem more attractive colors are frequently and make them seem more attractive pictures the effects may be customizable as well. These Lightroom presets will enable the effects may be customizable as well as colour toning effects with only a single click. Obviously, the results are easily customizable as well. This selection of Lightroom presets at your side become much easier when you’ve preset are also fully adjustable. The presets are also fully adjustable, that’ll enable various kinds of photos. Optimizing outdoor pictures to improve the mood and brightness won’t you have this collection of Lightroom presets.

Before and After Lightroom Presets and Overlays








Overlays are layers which might be placed onto your pictures to create a particular effect. You might want to make it look as though it is snowing, or switch out a blown out skies for a wonderful blue one with fluffy clouds. Whatever you’re using your overlay for, you’ll have to be able to add and edit layers so as to utilize it. 

Typically Adobe Adobe Adobe Photoshop is a fantastic tool for this, however, if you’re using Lightroom Presets and Overlays, you might still do it to the same degree of quality. There’s no way to do it with the standard Lightroom Presets and Overlays set-up, but thankfully there’s a way to utilize your overlays the same. You merely need the ON1 Photo 10 layers plugin. 

We’re going to show you how to apply this plugin, in order that you could do all your editing right from Lightroom Presets with no need to go through Adobe Adobe Adobe Photoshop. This is ideal for streamlining your workflow and will tremendously benefit people who don’t even like using Adobe Adobe Adobe Photoshop. 

Placing your picture up 

Assuming that you’ve downloaded and installed the ON1 plugin from their internet site, we’ll start from simply opening a picture. The instructions are on their website, and you may also try a free trial before you purchase that, so there’s no excuse for not committing this method a try! Get the picture you want to utilize ready, and do all your other essential edits which you’re set up to start right from Lightroom Presets. 

Now go to the file menu and choose ‘Plug-in Extras’, and head across to the ON1 Layers 10 option from the list that pops up. In case you only have one plug this will be simple to see, but if you’ve more, remember to select carefully. 

Picture is courtesy of Lindsey Lee Photography 

This opens up your plug-in and you may choose the options as you want once it opens. You’ll then be at a window at which one could see the layers in your picture as well as options like changing the opacity. In addition, you can open the ON1 plugin on its own, without going via Lightroom Presets as it works as a stand-alone program. 
Selecting your overlays 

Your overlays will be seen from the file menu to the left of your picture. Here you’ll be able to dig around through your folders to find the overlays which you want to utilize. It’s easier if you put them into the same region and keep them organized, so remember that before you begin. 
When you’ve found the layers which you want to utilize, you’ll see them appearing at the left-hand panel. Select the overlay and click that, then drag it to your image and drop it on top.




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