Best Inversion Table Reviews 2020 – What All You Need to Know!

Best Inversion Table Reviews 2020 – What All You Need to Know!

Back pain is becoming very common these days. When it’s left untreated, it manifests into chronic back pain which can cause some serious problems. Any easy and quick way to get rid of that annoying back pain is inversion therapy by using the inversion table. We reviewed the best and effective inversion tables so you do not have to go through the hassle of researching the market.

But before we talk about the best inversion tables, let’s explore what does an inversion table actually does?

What Is an Inversion Table?

An inversion table is an equipment used in inversion therapy which is a passive form of therapy. The inversion table basically flips you, upside down at a specific angle and uses the force of gravity to passively stretch your back. The inversion works to release pressure from your nerves and realign your spine. In theory, using the inversion table for 15 to 20 minutes a day will relax your connective tissues, muscles, decompress your joints and make the discs in your back reabsorb the spinal fluids. As a passive form of therapy, the inversion table offers short term pain relief for issues like back pain. The inversion therapy isn’t as effective as its theory but it still offers an easy and quick short-term fix to your troubles.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Using an Inversion Table?

In theory, the inversion table should deliver pain relief, spinal alignment, lower or remove inflammation and improve circulation. But research is inconclusive on some of these benefits. However, there’s research that is confident about the benefits of inversion therapy.

1. Offering short term relief from back and neck pain. A research study concluded that using the inversion table for 8 weeks, at a 60 degrees angle for three-minute sets at different angles will reduce back pain.
2. It improves flexibility and increases spinal health. Micromovements of the spine through the inversion table increases flexibility by stretching your torso and relaxing your joints.
3. Short term relief and relaxation from stressed-out muscles and compressed joints plus nerves.
4. Inversion therapy will help you to avoid major surgery. As the inversion table decompressed the stressed-out muscles, it takes away the pressure and prevents tissue/nerve damage. A 2012 study by Disability and Rehabilitation showed that, by using the inversion table for 6 weeks, people with lumber disease reduced their need for surgery.

The Inversion Table Is Beneficial for People Who:

• Suffer from chronic back pain.
• Weak or restricted blood circulation.
• Scoliosis.
• Sciatica.
• People who have a desk job and spend long hours sitting at an angle.

What Are the Risks of Using an Inversion Table?

People with certain conditions are not advised by doctors to use the inversion table because it increases their exposure to risks.

1. People suffering from bone disorders like osteoporosis, herniated disk or any spinal injuries.
2. Heart diseases.
3. Infections and diseases like pink eye or glaucoma.
4. Pregnant women are advised not to use the inversion table.
5. Obesity may increase complications.
6. People who use blood clotting medications.

What Are the Best Inversion Tables Available?

Inversion tables are getting improved every year with innovative designs and advancement mechanics. It is very important for inversion tables to be durable and comfortable in order to be safe for use. Here are some examples of high-quality and credible inversion tables that we reviewed.

1) Innova ITM4800

Innova ITM5900

Key Features:

• This inversion table comes with a multi-mode massage option that can be both manual or auto. The advanced heat and massage lumber additions give you the ultimate comfort with therapeutic heating plus vibrations.
• The height adjustment tube offers you customization according to your needs.
• It comes with a six-angle pin slot system allowing you to work out your entire back. The protective cover keeps you safe and comfortable.
• Ergonomic ankle holding system, U-shaped holders at the front and rear.
• For a more premium experience, there is an adjustable headrest plus a thick backrest pad.
• It is strong enough to hold up to 300lbs.
• Rated 4.5/5 on Amazon.


• It is super lightweight and fully adjustable.
• To make the inversion table even more secure and give you a relaxing experience, it has thick backrest pads and soft foam handlebars.
• It is very comfortable because of the adjustable head pad.


• The heating did not reach the legs.
• The ankle holders are difficult to close and can cause pain sometimes.
• It takes a lot of storage space

2) Innova ITX9900

Innova ITX9900

Key Features:

• Similar to Innova’s ITM4800, the ITX9900 comes with similar features such as 6 adjustable angles, the protective covering, ergonomic ankle support, and adjustable headrest.
• The ITX9900 comes with a true balance system.
• The new feature of an air lumbar support allows the users to customize the amount of support they want for their back.
• The inversion table can accommodate up to 300lbs and can be used by users with a height range from 4ft to 6ft.
• Rated 4.6/5 on Amazon.


• The true balance system is really effective as it safely holds you in place when you use the inversion table.
• It is natural and effective, costs less than going to a chiropractor.
• It is very durable which increases its life span and decreases replacement or repair cost.
• Quick and effective short-term relief from back pain.


• Although it is simple to set up, it takes too much time to set it up completely.
• People have complained that some parts were missing and it was difficult to actually set up perfectly.

3) Innova ITX9600A

Innova ITX9600A

Key Features:

• Innova dominates the inversion table market with authentic and reliable products. The ITX9600A is another installment in Innova’s inversion table models. It comes with the same amazing features such as the true balance system, the adjustable-height option, the six-ankle system, protective cover, and accommodates weights up to 300lbs and heights up to 6’6ft.
• It comes with the largest adjustable back padding and headrest pad.
• It has the reversible ankle holding system to offer greater customization.
• The heavy-duty steel frame makes it stronger and more durable.
• Rated 4.6/5 on Amazon.


• Cheap and affordable compared to other inversion tables.
• Heavy and durable because of the steel built.
• Low maintenance.
• Very easy and simple to assemble.


• Ankle grips can’t accommodate small feet which makes it painful to use.
• It cannot be easily stored.
• Instructions are poor and too many assembly parts.

The Top-Rated and Most Effective Inversion Tables:

Out of all the inversion tables we reviewed and researched on, we picked out these as the best inversion tables:

1) Innova ITM5900

Innova ITM5900

Key Features:

Innova is known for producing some of the best and most innovative inversion tables. The highest quality inversion available from Innova is the ITM5900.
• It comes with advanced heating and massaging lumbar pad for extra comfort.
• It has a new and advanced vertical massage pad which increases the effectiveness of inversion therapy by covering the entire spinal area. Your lower back and waist receive close up heat plus massage therapy due to the integrated lumber pad.
• It also has the famous 6 position safety pin angle system. In addition to protective covering, it has soft foam handlebars and adjustable headrest/back padding. Offering more control over your positioning and added comfort.
• Adjustable height tube that can accommodate 4’10” to 6’6″. And can hold up to 300lbs because of the heavy-duty steel frame.
• Rated 4.6/5 on Amazon.


• Extra comfort and safety because of the two-way adjustment system.
• The option to extend the handle for ankle support is really convenient.
• The heating and massing bad has rhythmic vibrations that effectively give you pain relief.
• The foam handlebars and thick paddings add more comfort.


• It is very expensive compared to other inversion tables.
• It is not foldable plus its large size makes it take a lot of space for storage.
• Does not have the 6-angle pin plot system, has the 5-angle system instead.
• The true balance system is also not in this inversion table.

2) IRONMAN Gravity Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table.

The best and top-rated inversion table on the market is by IRONMAN. This model comes with unique features such as:

Key Features:

• With the new and distinctive Airsoft ankle holders allow airflow to different chambers to adjust and fit your legs/ankles but also give you the premium comfort you want.
• The special Surelock ratchet system is designed to be easily activated by your palms and it is simple to adjust. The double-lock feature makes it more safe and secure.
• Extra back comfort with the double thickness of the memory foam that covers the backrest. The lumbar pillow is removable so you can customize it as you wish.
• It has a weight capacity of 350lbs! This is due to the heavy-duty extra-wide steel frame. It is also coated with a scratch-resistant layer.
• The innovative design of the stretch handles make body positioning easier.
• A full 180 degrees vertical inversion.
• Rated 4.7/5 on Amazon.


• It has the highest weight capacity of 350lbs. 50lbs more than the other inversion tables we reviewed.
• Simple and easy instructions to follow.
• High quality built, durable and strong.
• It is foldable which makes it portable and easy to store.
• Great features at an affordable price.


• It can be annoying and difficult to fold sometimes.
• Even with the instructions, the assembly is a bit tricky and confusing.
• It does not support people over the height of 6’6ft. Tall people may experience pressure on their ankles.

Our ranking:

1. IRONMAN Gravity Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table
2. Innova ITM5900
3. Innova ITX9900
4. Innova ITX9600A
5. Innova ITM4800

So, are inversion tables worth it?

Inversion tables help to reduce back pains and take away some stress from your muscles and joints. They offer short term pain relief and regular use can lead to more flexibility. When you’re buying an inversion table, consider the storage option, weight, height, comfort, price and other features so that you can get the best experience!

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