How to Take a Temperature: Child’s Temperature Through Thermometer

In case your kid feels hot or seems to be under the weather, it is probably time to take their temperature with a thermometer. Sounds simple enough, but when you’re brand new to it, you could have questions.

Which kind of temperature apparatus is best? Are thermometer guidelines different for infants and older children?

Our Team of experts did lots of Research and here is what you must know.

Thermometer Options

The glass mercury temperature instrument was once a staple in most medicine cabinets.

Today, mercury thermometers are no longer recommended. This is because they can break down and allow mercury to vaporize and be inhaled. When choosing a thermometer, consider these options:

Digital Thermometers

Digital thermometers use electronic heat sensors to capture body temperature. They may be used from the anus, mouth or armpit. Armpit temperatures are usually the least accurate of the three.

Digital Thermometers

Digital Ear Thermometer

These thermometers use infrared beam to measure the temperature in the ear canal. Bear in mind that earwax or even a little, curved ear canal may interfere with the precision of an ear thermometer temperature.

digital ear thermometer

Temporal artery thermometers: These thermometers use infrared scanner to measure the temperature of the temporal artery in the forehead. This sort of temperature device may be used even while a young kid is asleep.

Thermometers: Understand the Gadget

Safety Hints

Cautiously read the instructions which come with the temperature apparatus.

After and before every use, clean the tip.

Do it by rubbing alcohol or soap and warm water and after that rinse with cool water.

If you are planning to use a digital instrument to take a rectum temperature, get another digital temperature instrument for oral usage.

Label every instrument, and do not use the same thermometer in both places.

For security purposes, never leave your kid unattended while you are carrying their temperature.

Age Guidelines

The best sort of thermometer, or even the best place to insert a thermometer in several cases, depends upon your child’s age. 

  • Birth at 3 months: Use a normal digital device to take a rectal temperature. A new study suggests that a temporal artery thermometer can also provide accurate readings in newborns.
  • months to 4 years: in this age range you can use a digital instrument to take a rectal or an armpit temperature or you can use a temporal artery device. Nevertheless, wait till your infant is at least six months old to use an electronic ear temperature instrument.
  • In case you use another kind of temperature instrument to take a young child’s fever and you are in doubt about the results, take a rectal temperature.
  • 4 years and older: By age, most children can hold an electronic instrument under the tongue to the brief time it can take to find an oral temperature reading.

You might also use a digital device to take an armpit temperature. Otherwise use a temporal artery thermometer or an electronic ear thermometer.




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