Best Watermelon Slicer Reviews 2019

Best Watermelon Slicer Reviews 2019

Through the long awaited summer it is a must at some homes to have a nice juicy watery watermelon, but the main difficulty faced is slicing fruits in the right shape and without creating a Mess to clean.

watermelon slicer

To be able to steer you’ve the right watermelon slicer for the right shape at the right time, we looked into many choices to provide you the best slicer

Why a Watermelon Slicer?

I agree that the knife can do the job quite well, but there are many advantages to using the best watermelon slicer.

I will guide you through all the advantages of a watermelon slicer:

1. Safety

Whenever you own a slicer, the process of cutting the watermelon is a lot safer.

I let my boys do it – it’s interesting for them, and there’s no risk that they’ll hurt their fingers as hands aren’t exposed to the blade. 

All you need to do so is hold the watermelon skin, and you’re safe as it never pierces through it. It is designed like that!

safety Watermelon Slicer

Another plus, as far as the security is concerned, is a not-so-sharp blade. Why would it be? Watermelon is so soft and easy to cut, and its only purpose is that – to cut through the watermelon!

All things considered, there’s really hardly any probability of getting hurt.

2. Hygiene 

Utilizing a watermelon slicer allows you to cut this fruits without touching its because of its simple design which not only cuts but additionally extracts the meat from the skin. 

It works like this: It slides down the edge and clamps a piece of watermelon meat with the aid of a tong-like deal with.

hygienic Watermelon Slicer

3. Time And Convenience 

Whenever you use the watermelon slicer, you not only reduce the watermelon but additionally its cutting edge time!

Sounds confusing?

Well, to put it simply, you’ll spend half the time needed to cut an whole watermelon if you use a watermelon slicer as compared to the knife. 

Watermelon Slicer with sharp edges

Slicer is also more convenient as you don’t need to put as much work or strength since you don’t reduce the skin but only the delicate interior.

Each one the juices remain inside the skin, and you don’t need to clean as much either.

Less mess, less anxiety, who would not need that?! 

4. Keeping Your Knives in Best Condition 

In case. You use your knife to cut through soft food like bread or watery watermelon, expose it to humidity, and wash it too frequently.

best Watermelon Slicer

It is going to wear down and become dull more quickly.

For the reason, you need to use a watermelon slicer and maintain your costly knives away from injury, particularly the king of all knives – your own chef ’so knife.

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