A heating pad is one of the elements that you do not realize is missing from your life till you require it. Whether it is for continual pain, relaxation, or a comfy warm-up on these cold nights, a warming pad may makes a real difference in your overall quality of life.

Once you have decided to purchase one, you may be wondering what kind of heating pad you want and which model is right for you.

With hundreds of options available on the market, it may get a little overwhelming.

Don’t worry! This guide will unveiled the Top 5 best heating pad of 2019.

How We Choose the Top 5 Best Heating Pad?

After we felt confident in the science behind warmth therapy and how to utilize it best, we headed around to Reddit forums such as r/fitness and r/chronic pain to see which functions of the pad are most important to customers.

Lastly, we read through client reviews on Amazon to find the viewpoint of real users. Each of our finalists has over 500 reviews and some run into the tens of thousands so we’d a lot of input from customers.

But Hang on! Here are the Things One Must Know Pre-Purchasing a Heating Pad

Who needs heating pad?

The vast majority of those who buy heating pads do so to treat pain, whether chronic, repeating, or simply occasional. Nevertheless, some people today use pad only to assist them to unwind following a long moment. Others like them because they provide an excellent workout when it is cold out.

Types of Pain Relief through Heating Pad

As noted above, pad helps relieve pain, but maybe not all sorts of pain. These are a number of the kinds of pain that could be helped by means of a pain reliever pad:

Muscular Soreness

The muscular soreness that occurs after overexertion may be quelled by heating pad. As an example, you may rest your back or legs against a heating pad after a vigorous exercise.

Back Pain

Particular sorts of back pain may be relieved with a heating pad.

Osteoarthritis and Some Other Conditions

A heating pad may soothe the stiff and painful joints that accompany osteoarthritis and some other conditions.

Cramps and Spasms

Most types of cramps and spasms can be improved with a warming pad. Including neuropathic spasms, restless legs syndrome and menstrual cramps.

All Over Pain and Sensitivity

Warming pads helps relieve many sorts of all over pain and sensitivity, including pain associated fibromyalgia, medicated withdrawal and D vitamin deficiency.

Avoid Heating Pads in Case of these Conditions

Some kinds of pain should definitely not be treated with heat. This including burns, fresh wounds, infections, and anything which involves inflammation.


Women suffering the pains and aches of pregnancy might want to use a a pad, however, a pregnant woman should steer clear of raising her temperature of the body above 102.2° F at all times.

Most experts agree that a short-term partial body exposure to a pad is secure if it does not increase the temperature of the body above this amount.

Moist Heating Pad vs Dry (Things You Must Know)

The vast most heating pads provide dry heat. Basically, this means the pad heats up, but is not moist or wet whatsoever.

Nevertheless, a heating pad such as the Pure Relief XL can offer damp/moist heat along with dry heat. The moist warmth, function changes between models, but frequently, the item includes a sponge that may be moistening and placed in notebook.

Why an individual want moist heating pad instead of dry? Here are a numerous reasons

  • Moist heat is less inclined to whiten the skin.
  • Moist heat penetrates more deeply under the skin.
  • It’s great for deep muscle aches.
  • Some People Today find damp/moist heat to be much more efficient pain reliever.

Things to Know about Different types of Heating Pad?

Various heating pad types populate the market, all of which provide their very own set of pros and cons. Below we examine the features of electrical, microwavable, and chemical heating pads.

1) Electric Heating Pad

An electrical pad is the one you need if suffering from chronic condition which needs routine heat relief.

electric heating pad


Moist and Dry Heat Options

Depending upon the make and model, an electrical heating pad can provide dry heat, damp/moist heat, or both.

Integrated Temperature Controls

An electrical pad with integrated temperature controls permits you to tailor the degree of warmth to your personal needs.

As such, it is more versatile than a few other types.


The primary disadvantage of an electrical pad is that it requires a wall socket to run. You cannot easily use it on the go.

2) Microwavable Heating Pad

As the name suggests, these heating pads have been warmed up in the microwave.

microwaveable heating pad


Heat last For Hours

Microwavable pads are usually full of thermal micro beads or natural materials such as wheat grain. They heat up in the microwave oven and keep their heat for a number of hours. This kind of pad is quite economical.

Best For Occasional Pain Relief

If you desire a heating pad for relaxation and occasional pain relief, then this kind of heating pad might be right for you.

Chemical Heating Pad

These are little heating pads that warm up using a chemical reaction that is accomplished by breaking them, shaking them or exposing them to air.

chemical heating pad


Worm Up Time

These products usually takes about 20 minutes to warm up entirely.Once heated, the pad may be applied directly to the skin or into the surface of your very first layer of clothing. Where you place the pad depends upon the make and the Quantity of heat the pad sets out.

Level of Heat

Once heated, the pad may be applied directly to the skin or into the surface of your very first layer of clothing. Where you place the pad depends upon the make and the Quantity of heat the pad sets out.


The best feature of these pads is the accessibility factors that allows you to wear the heating pad at infected area while you are outdoor.


The only downside is its price. It will get expensive if you use them on daily basis. Apart from this it has no temperature controls.

Presenting Top 5 best Heating Pad of 2019

1) Chattanooga – Theratherm

theratherm heating pad

It gives you the freedom to choose the temperature you like. Not the cheapest but the best heating pad out there in the market.

2) Sunbeam – Xpress Heat

sunbeam heating pad

It’s not the best heating pad but surely the most affordable one.

3) Pure Enrichment – Pure Relief XL

It has got 6 temperature settings along with moist/dry heat. It will cost you extra bucks.

pure relief heating pad

4) Okamoto-Beyond Body Heat

heat pads

It’s the perfect heating pad for outdoor use but it will cost you extra bucks.

5) Thermalon-Moist

moist heating pad

It’s an affordable option if you like moist heating pad.The only drawback is it’s not electrical.




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