What Is a Candy Thermometer?

The post will discuss what and why a Best candy thermometer is?Candy making isn’t kid’s play, though candy can be considered by many a child’s treat. It needs concentration and particularly ensuring the temperature is simply ideal. This is why candy manufacturers have technical thermometers to make sure these chocolates, toffee, and candy come out correctly. The marketplace has a lot of brands of thermometers, plus they are available in different shapes and sizes, in addition to prices.

The best candy thermometer will alert you whenever you reach a particular point of making candy and it’ll withstand the high temperature which come with the territory.

For our important Customers, it was a necessity for us to tell them about the best candy thermometer. That’s, to tell them about that one to buy, and what’re the choices to select from.

Through the research procedure, we have improved our knowledge of food thermometers, thus we’ll give you a few facts and describes how to select the best candy thermometer according to your requirements.

Best Candy Thermometer
(Top 5 Recommended)

Anpro Candy Thermometer with Long Probe

That is a stainless steel, multi functional digital thermometer, that is a wonderful feature if you want it for different purposes.

It’s got a large LCD and easy-to read notes, that help read the temperature simpler, faster and more exact than on analogue thermometers

Anpro candy thermometer

A characteristic that I like a whole lot, being used for analogue thermometers. The total duration of the thermometer is roughly 8 inches.

It’s got a 4.90 inch slim probe, that should be long enough to assist in preventing hand burning off, and I believe it may be rather helpful for candy making as occasionally the probe needs to go deep into the pot. 

The thermometer has a broad temperature range. Of course, for candy making only the +200°, C to +300°, C array counts.

It needs to be cleaned with a damp fabric, after and before usage, and shouldn’t be submerged in water, since the display could quit working.

The cover has two holes in the bottom, that is a great feature which allows the thermometer point to wash if it isn’t dried completely before storing.

The thing which I did not enjoy at all is the fact that it does not have a stainless steel clip in order that it could be connected on the side of the pot. 

It merely has a plastic clip on the probe’s cover that is unworthy in cooking. Since of that, burning hands is strong chance.

Things I Enjoyed

It’s Cheap, Digital, Long probe, Wide temperature range, Big display, Made of stainless steel, Battery is included, 24 months guarantee & 24 hours response.

Things I did not Like

It Cannot be connected on the side of the pot, Moisture may get within the display, Accurate reading takes a few time.

Polder Thermometer

This analog alcohol thermometer is enormous and seems sturdy. It is about 15 inches in length, therefore it is not acceptable for smaller pots. In addition, it’s got a nice clip to keep it on the side of the pot, which may also slide down or up the thermometer to adjust to the depth of the pot.

Polder Thermometer

The glass part seems brittle, however. The thermometer has both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, and it also has shortcut readings, such as thread”, soft ball”, soft crack”, tough ball”, deep fry”, etc., that is an excellent feature for candy making. The minimal temperature reading is 90 °, F, and the maximum is 400°, F, even though it appears somewhat inaccurate, which is vital in candy making. 

It appears to me it is better for heavy frying than for candy making. The great thing is that it may be calibrated.

It is labeled as dishwasher safe, but we did not want to test my luck. You better soak it first and after that scratch the stays. It can’t be utilised within an oven because it’s got plastic part on top that will melt. It is easy to read, but the numbers seem to come off fast. The edges are sharp, so you need to be cautious when using it not to cut yourself.

Things we enjoyed is that it’s affordable, easy to read, Extensive temperature range, Nice manage, Useful slipping clip, has labels for candy making phases, It could be calibrated.

Things I Enjoyed

It’s affordable, easy to read, Extensive temperature range, Nice manage, Useful slipping clip, has labels for candy making phases, It could be calibrated.

Things I did not Like

It isn’t always true, Too large, not acceptable for smaller pots and pans, Sharp edges, easy to cut yourself, Brittle glass, The numbers are coming off.

Habor Candy Thermometer

This one is also a digital thermometer, with a long stainless steel folding probe, along with a total length of 10.15, which is a fantastic size.

It’s quite easy to use, requires only the insertion of the probe within the food or liquid. You should be cautious not to touch the bottom with the tip of the probe.

Habor Candy Thermometer

It should never be utilized in a closed oven. It reads both in Fahrenheit and Celsius on its own LCD in only 5 seconds. Simply switch the on/off button. 

In addition, it’s an auto shut – off feature which works on the 10 minute mark that is good for saving the battery.

I also like that it uses a regular AAA battery and has a hanging hole for storage. The folding probe can be a fantastic feature. It’s got a high temperatures range, which goes from 49F to 392F or 45C to 200C, but seems better for rapid checking than as a constant fever monitor, which is necessary for candy making.

Additionally, this thermometer can’t be calibrated. It should never be submerged in water and must be cleaned with a moist fabric after and before use. 

The cost is also quite inexpensive. Considering all of its attributes if you do need a fast checking thermometer for many different foods it may be a good option.

Things I Enjoyed

Its Affordable, Multipurpose, Digital, LCD display, Long stainless steel folding probe, Easy to read, Extensive temperature range, AAA battery included, Replacement or refund of defects.

Things I did not Like

Its Not quite appropriate for candy making, can’t be calibrated.

Farberware Protek Deep Fry Glass and Candy Thermometer

This one is an analogue glass tube thermometer for candy and deep fry, with a protective cover and a total length of 11.8. It’s got a clip, so that you can fix it on the side of the pan while cooking, but it is not very reliable, and does not hold well on the bud. I tried it in many baskets, but it could not stay straight, and I was afraid I’d burn myself.

Farberware Protek Deep Fry Glass and Candy Thermometer

The temperature range is 100 F to 400 F, however it had been very difficult to read it since the steam easily goes indoors, fogs it, and makes the numbers unreadable. 

I also had a sense that it took a great deal of time to measure the temperature and it does not seem accurate.

The top of the thermometer easily pops so never dip it in water since the paper inside will get wet. On the back, it’s got a magnet so that you can mount it on the fridge or stove, and it is a feature that I really liked.

I did not like that it’s made from glass that seems very fragile, and the overall impression was that it might be easily broken.

Things I Enjoyed

Its Affordable, broad temperature range, Magnets on the back for mounting.

Things I did not Like

The Clip doesn’t hold well, It fogs easily, hard to read, the numbers are extremely small, Very fragile, easily broken, Slow measuring.

Norpro Candy Thermometer

That is a stainless steel analog candy thermometer about 9 inches long. The stem is currently 5.75 inches long. It’s got a metal clip so that you can attach it on the side of the kettle.

The clip fits great on the edge of the kettle, and its adjustable. You are able to adjust it so the probe tip is correct in the bottom of the pot. According to our opinion, that it’s the best feature of this item.

Norpro Candy Thermometer

It appears very well made and easy to use. Easy to read also. It has both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings on the measuring scale, which ranges from 100 to 400 °, F. 

It reaches higher temperatures necessary for candy making with no problem. It’s very easily cleaned, and it can be a greatly valued feature for us. All that you need is to set it in warm water, and also the sugar residue get off. It’s clear just from the way it seems that this thermometer is made for candy producing purposes only.

The design, the material it’s made from, the adjustable clip, everything about it. I enjoyed using it while creating my children favorite fudge. It performed perfectly, as I’d expected.

Things I enjoyed

Its Made of stainless steel, simple to use, Easy to read, Adjustable clip, Well made, easily cleaned.

Things I did not enjoy


If you’re serious about producing candies, whether to get your consumption or you’ll require a candy thermometer. We’ve discussed the numeric and manual types, as well as different rates. Although Each revised candy thermometer is top vendor, Polder THM-515 Stainless Steel Candy/Jelly/Deep Fry Thermometer takes a day for its strong structure and cost. We also enjoy the fact it’s simple to maintain. 

It handles heat well too.

Best Candy Thermometer Buying Guide (2019)

How To Test A Candy Thermometer?

Fortunately for testing a candy thermometer, there is only a handful things to look out for in a candy thermometer.

Accuracy Of A Candy Thermometer

In case the readings on your thermometer aren’t accurate, your efforts in candy making will be futile.

Thermometers need frequent calibration to get them back on track. Guide thermometers go off course more frequently than their electronic counterparts and so you’ll have to check them frequently to be certain they read right.

Among the best methods to check a thermometer’s accuracy is by bring water to the boil then utilizing the thermometer to check the temperatures. It should be 212 degrees F or 100 degrees C, seeing as that’s the boiling point of water. 

Candy thermometers don’t have a reading for freezing, and so you’ll have to dip it into a pot of boiling water to find the validity of the readings. The manual from the producer should contain info in how to calibrate the thermometer. The temperature range of a Best candy thermometer are between 100 and 400 degrees F.

Digital Candy Thermometer Vs Analog

Analog thermometers are inexpensive and common. They contain soul or mercury which goes down and up to signify readings. They can be either metal or glass made, plus they need a couple of minutes to settle on the right reading. Digital scales, and on the other hand, read the temperature and provide the results electronically. 

digital candy thermometer

Some may also beep to alert you when your pot nears a particular temperature. Naturally, they’re a tad expensive, but they’re even faster in delivery and more accurate.

Some digital candy thermometer which are made specifically for candy making may be preset to notify you whenever you reach important milestones on your candy making process.

Distinctive Shapes

A glass candy thermometer is very likely to be tubular. They also come in assorted sizes, and most significantly have a balloon as something that hooks into the pot. Although hot liquids will barely ruin the glass surface of a thermometer, a side of the pan or pot would, which explains why most have a protector for your glass. 

Metal thermometers

Don’t need protectors as steel could handle steel. They handle high temperature and may double up as meat thermometers.


Before you purchase a thermometer, read reviews like the one below. It’ll save you from spending too much money on a candy thermometer which will serve the identical purpose as one that’s half its price.

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