A body pillow provides total support and gentle comfort a standard sized cushion just can’t match. The body pillows are ideal for several different sleeping positions.It may relieve back pain and ease distress during pregnancy, or provide lower body support.

Many body pillows are cylinders that measure 20 inches wide by 54 inches long. Although specific measurements may vary. Other body cushion contours have been gaining popularity as well.such as U shaped body pillows and J shaped body pillows.

These distinctive shapes provide more assistance than the traditional pillows.But it may also be useful for reading in bed or through pregnancy.

Top 7 best body pillow Of 2019

Best Body Pillow List
Snuggle Pedic body pillow
Allerease Pillow
Leachco Body Pillow
Full Body Pregnancy Pillow
coop home goods pillow
Leachco Snoogle
Meiz Body Pillow

Snuggle Pedic body pillow (Overall Best)

For a breathable body cushion that’s comfortable and easy to fall asleep.The Snuggle pedic body Pillow is difficult to beat. This made in USA cushion is our top selection overall.

This body pillow by snuggle pedic is made with shredded memory foam that’s soft, but additionally supportive.

snuggle pedic body pillow

We particularly like that this foam is produced in the US and is US certified. The removable cover was designed to be breathable and help with temperature regulation, thanks to the viscose bamboo fiber content.

The cushion itself is 20 centimeters with 54 inches.

So even tall men and women find this cushion comfortable and easy to position.

Bear in mind that memory foam is compact, so a few people discovered the cushion to be too thick.

But if you are searching for a supportive, comfortable body cushion, then try the Snuggle Pedic memory foam Total Body Pillow.

Allerease Pillow (Inexpensive Pillows)

For a budget pillow which won’t leave your wallet feeling flat, try the Allerease pillow. This body cushion by allerease is affordable and features a 100% cotton cover with sterile filling.

Though it lacks fancy attributes or innovative contours, the genuine allerease cushion has got positive praise for his whole body care and easy maintenance.

allerease pillow

The body cushion can be washed and dried following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Regardless of the breathable cotton cover, some individuals felt the polyester fiber indoors keeps heat.

Even still, this body cushion is good value and it’ll gives you the stability and duration.which you expect from the whole body cushion in a spending budget price.

Leachco Body Pillow (Best for Pregnant Women)

Locating a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy can be challenging, but the right body cushion could make a big difference. The Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow has been helping women that are pregnant find a comfortable position to sleep despite a developing baby bump.

The All Nighter Body Pillow by leachco most closely resembles a J shaped body cushion and has a long cylindrical body to provide shoulder, back, and leg with support. A shorter cushion hook on top of the cushion can help to cradle your upper body.

Another fantastic thing about this is that its a body cushion for pregnancy so that you could adjust the position of the cushion to get the right spot to encourage your muscles or enlarging belly.

A great deal of females are hesitant to invest in a less affordable body cushion for maternity, but most discover that this cushion is well worth the price.


The one thing to be aware of is the fact that whilst the cover is removable and washable, it may be a two person job to wrestle the cushion back into the case. While some individuals had no problem with the procedure, it’s been frustrating for others.

leachco A J shaped body cushion isn’t for everybody, and it’s fairly big, but the Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow is a fantastic choice during pregnancy to offer relaxation and support.

Full Body Pregnancy Pillow With Washable Cover( Best For The Ones Who Have A Back Pain )

A body cushion can provide the support and relief which back pain sufferers need to get a good night of sleep.

A U shaped body cushion similar to this version from Queen Rose is a good choice. This is among the most famous U shaped body cushions, and it isn’t hard to see why.

pregnancy body pillow

It sports a velour cover that’s soft to the touch. What is more, the cover is machine washable so it is easy to help keep your body cushion in tiptop shape.

The cushion itself provides total body support, relieves pressure points at the trunk, and soothes aching muscles.

A good deal of consumers with repeating back pain found relief in this body pillow. It cradles the back and legs in a way which allows you to find a comfortable sleeping position.

In addition, you may use the cushion with the top of the U shape supporting your head, or to encourage your body. There are a whole lot of various ways to utilize this body cushion for back pain.

As many women that are pregnant use the U shaped cushion, most say that they want they’d this cushion before pregnancy, or that their significant other wants one for themselves to ease back pain or possess more restful sleep.

Just make sure to allow plenty of time for the cushion to enlarge after removing it from the packing. Then get ready to enjoy a night of restful sleep with pain.

coop home goods pillow (Best with Flexible Fill )

In case you are searching for a body cushion which can be adjusted to fit your personal preferences and sleeping style.The coop home goods pillow is Adjustable Fill Body Pillow and it is a fantastic choice.

This body cushion is full of memory foam that’s CertiPUR-US certified and can also be made in the USA.

coop home goods pillow

What really sets this cushion apart is the fact that filling can be added
by zipper or can be removed by zipper access towards the end of the pillow.

Which makes it simple remove the filling if the cushion feels too firm or plush for your requirements, or to add filling if you want more support.

Another unique facet of this coop home goods pillow cushion is the simple fact that it may be machine washed. But, use caution if you do decide to do that because the cushion is rather large and may become heavy when wet.

Some individuals have opened their washer or dryer to find memory foam filling all over the system since the bamboo pay came open during laundering. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying the pillows.

A safer bet could be to simply use a removable cover on the body cushion and wash the cover instead.

Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow ( Best for Side Sleepers )

In case you are a side sleeper, then you want a body pillow which is not too high or rock hard.

The Snoogle body pillow fits both of those standards and is a fantastic choice for side sleepers. Described as a horseshoe shape.

This body cushion provides a soft place to put your head.

It has plenty of support for your lower body as well.

Negative sleepers will find it comfortable to cradle center of the pillow along with its own soft jersey protect.

leachco pillow

A good deal of individuals love the shape and design of this body cushion.It is also consider it to be highly comfortable.

It is also described as being easily adjustable.That makes it simple to locate.

The right place that can lull you into sweet slumber. You should say the inside is polyester padding that can occasionally retain heat.

This body cushion will give side sleepers the ideal place to rest their head and experience assistance all night long.

U-Shaped Body Pillow by Meiz (Best for Reading Books and Magazines)

If you like to read in bed, but are always struggling to find a comfortable position,Meiz Body Pillow might help.

While frequently utilized as a maternity body cushion, this cushion is extremely versatile for reading, sleeping, lounging, and more.

People who like to read in bed will find that center of the U shaped cushion makes a comfortable back rest.


The ends of the U shape can be positioned to prop up a book or tablet at a comfortable reading height.

It could also be good at doing other tasks in bed or on the sofa during periods of rest.

Some people found that the microfiber cover caused the cushion to retain a little heat.

Most enjoyed the functionality of this body cushion for reading so much that they did not mind this fact.

One way to store your pillow is to put it on a heavy duty clothing hanger.you can store it in a closet as well.

Stop struggling to find a comfortable reading place and use this body cushion to make your leisure time more enjoyable.




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