The following review is about air mattress.Our Team writes about stuff we believe you will fall in love with.Air mattress come in handy when your in laws drop by for an impromptu weekend visit, or when your children develops a tendency to bring buddies home for sleepovers. But air mattress may also be high in case of emergencies, or whether you are a camper or hiker who requires a comfortable way to sleep in the wonderful outdoors.

Irrespective of how your air mattress assists your life, we have found the perfect pick for you.

Factors To be Consider For Buying an Air Mattress?

There is a variety of factors that go into finding the perfect air mattress: relaxation, ease and time to inflate/deflate, height, firmness, pressure and air retention, production materials, and portability, to name a few.

Excellent air mattress vary considerably in price, so we have kept that in mind like we have scoured expert consumer lists and real live consumer reviews to deliver you this Guide to the perfect air mattress for any purpose.

Air Mattress (Our Top 5 List)

Top 5 Air Mattress List
1-Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress
2-Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress
3-Intex Raised Pillow Rest Queen Air Mattress
4-Sound Asleep Air Mattress Camping Series
5-AeroBed Mattress for Kids

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress

Why you’ll enjoy it? The Sound Asleep Dream Series air mattress tops the charts to comfort and functionality, along with the satisfaction guarantee ensures you will get the absolute most out of your investment. This particular air mattress has gotten rave reviews for comfort and functionality.

Sound Asleep Dream Series Air Mattress


Comfort Coil Technology

The Company’s Comfort Coil Technology means the mattress is packed with 40 internal air coils so that it remains firm and supportive without lowering or tingling through the evening.

Integrated Pump

Sound Asleep’s integrated pump means it is easy to inflate and deflate the Dream Series Air Mattress, however it does take around 4 minutes to finish a cycle.

Gigantic Size

The Queen size mattress is large enough for two home guests to sleep well and raised double wards 19 inches height makes it simpler to climb in and out of bed with the way down to the floor needing to scale lining the bottom of the mattress to prevent late night slipping and sliding on hardwood.


There’s a Sure Grip textured coating lining the bottom of the mattress to prevent late night slipping and sliding on hardwood and glistening weighs in at about 20 pounds, intended especially for in home use, it isn’t the most mobile option on the market.


Best of all, Sound Asleep’s long satisfaction guarantee and Fantastic reputation for client support mean that your investments will be well spent and shielded.


A year long satisfaction guarantee and Fantastic client support back up this comfy, durable, top ranked air mattress.


The greater cost for clients on the-go or searching for a camping bed.

Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress

Why you will love Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress? With a lower price point and lower elevation profile, the Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress remains comfy, durable, and simple to use.

Insta Bed Raised Air Mattress


Small Size

It is only around a foot off the floor when fully inflated, which might make nights difficult for anybody whose priority is availability. Other than elevation, Insta Bed nails all the expected features of an inflatable air mattress.

Integrated Insta III AC Pump

The integrated Insta III AC pump is rated at 20% quieter than other popular airbed pumps, and it inflates and deflates easily and quickly, again, in around 4 moments.

Poly vinyl Chloride Material (PVC)

The upper layer is made of flocked Poly vinyl chloride material which provides long term durability, and soft, comfortable surface to get a fantastic night’s sleep.


Construction on Insta Bed’s Queen sized bed comprises 35 circular air coils, which is only marginally less than the Sound Asleep’s 40. Beneath the bed, the lower layer is protected with Sure Grip texturing so your visitors won’t slip around their space in the night. The airbed comes in one color and in two sizes: queen and double.


Insta bed choice is considerably lighter, weighing approximately 13 lbs and still comes along with a simple carrying case.


More affordable without compromising comfort and sturdiness, this air mattress remains warranty protected and built to last.


The decrease elevation profile means this airbed is more difficult to get in and out of, specifically for grandparents and anyone with accidents.

Intex Raised Pillow Rest Queen Air Mattress

Why you’ll enjoy intex raised pillow rest queen air mattress? For a spending budget choice, the Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed doesn’t sacrifice reliability or comfort and even includes an integrated cushion.The most attractive thing about the Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed is the cost. For less than $40, it is a fantastic option for spending budget air mattress shoppers.

Intex Raised Pillow Rest Queen Air Mattress



The queen size mattress measures 60 x 80 inches, and it does remain fairly low to the floor at 16.5 inches high. It delivers the identical design of flocked top Polyvinyl chloride surface like comparable air mattresses at higher price points.

Inflation/Deflation Time

The integrated electrical pump takes the standard four minutes or so to inflate and deflate, and users say that the Intex air mattress remains firm and well inflated without losing air through the night.

Integrated Cushion

A pleasant and an unexpected addition to this very affordable air mattress is the integrated cushion, which raises the surface of the mattress just marginally where your guests will rest their head.

Water and Puncture Resistant

Water and puncture resistant materials maintain the mattress comfortable and clean, and the bed still includes an easy carrying case despite its serious along with a simple carrying case despite its serious worth.


It has a pillow in it along with great durability and that too without high price tags attached to it.


This air mattress has no warranty protections. 

Sound Asleep Air Mattress Camping Series

sound asleep air mattress

Why you will like it? The Sound Asleep Camping collection Air Mattress is comparable to our top pick, but stays lower and provides more portability.


External Rechargeable Pump

It includes an external pump which comes along with a rechargeable battery, that is a wonderful feature for your hike-in container seeking to get a little ways away from the vehicle.

Extra Rough Material For Puncture Prevention

It is made by keeping outdoor use in mind.Adding a small additional depth to assist in preventing punctures and tears.

Water Proof Top

In the meantime, the water tight top adds another level of comfort while decreasing this horrible squeaking that happens on several air mattresses whenever you change sleeping positions at the center of the night.

Eco Friendly Non PVC Material

Its is Eco friendly. Non Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials are utilized in the making of sound asleep’s camping mattress.

so you will not need to take care of any unpleasant plastic smells of gas while you attempt to sleep.


In 9 pounds with the external pump, this is not just a trek worthy bed, and if you are following a mattress pad for your trip to the High Sierra.


Sturdy, easy to inflate, rechargeable battery for camping.


Not just lightweight, can, according to some reviewers.

AeroBed Mattress for Kids

Why you will love aerobed? The Aero Bed Mattress for Children comes along with washable fleece covering layer that is very good for kid contrasts.




Size is first thing which makes this air mattress ideal for children! the Aero Bed mattress measures 50 by 25 inches.

It is especially designed to maintain younger kids from rolling out from the bed.

It has 4 inches safety cushion raised around the mattress perimeter.

PVC Material

The heavy duty PVC was designed to withstand the downs and ups of full of energy youngsters.

Along with the thick and washable mattress pad makes child sized messes simpler to manage without ruining the mattress itself.

Electrical Pump

The added electrical air pump inflates the bed in under a minute, even though its much smaller size implies that timing should not be compared with the longer inflation times on queen sized adult beds.


The airbag protects the younger children, and also durability and relaxation last for decades, even as children grow.


Children will grow out from the smaller size eventually, so it isn’t the smartest choice unless you begin young.

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