The following post is about different rain boots looks.Sneakers have been Yorker’s go-to on rainy days, but as an annoying know-all of it, soggy socks are still here to remind that shoes are not water repellent. So, we have come up with the ways to style rain boots.

We refuse to allow socks take the better of me. In a town like NY, in which you are continuously walking from place to place, it is just down right dumb to continue fighting Mother Nature with insufficient footwear.

Rainy Day Outfits With Rain Boots

Our Team and I started by picking a set of black Hunter boots from their new refined collection. We figured they’d be the most wearable and for styling purposes, I understood I could treat them as a set of regular Chelsea boots. 

My next thing was to select clothing that could juxtapose the functional utility of a wellington. I understand the allure of a rainy day sweater, but why not try dressing up? They may be the MVP of this design challenge.

Playing around with different coloured socks may go a considerable way when attempting to jazz up black rubber boots. Alright, now that is out from the way, let us get down to it.

Hunter Rain Boots

Hunter Rain Boots

Whenever I’m a bit down in the dumps I attempt to trick my mind by wearing really bright, happy clothing. 

At a sea of multicolor striped knits with rain boots this season, this particular color blend take a cake for me. I’m pretty sure I wore this exact ensemble in Kindergarten and I’m not the least bit alarmed by this.

Must Have Rain Boots For Women

hunter rain boots

I extremely recommend adding one to the wardrobe in case you are searching for a brand new white blouse. They’ll never steer you wrong. I’ve been attempting to ease the comeback of Bermuda shorts for the last 3 years so this is another attempt in doing this.

Back to these Socks I mentioned earlier, the choice of socks make your pick shoes seem more intentional, not simply because it is raining outside.

Shine With Rain Boots

 rain boots for women

At another attempt to fight rainy day blues, opt for a dress that you usually reserve for particular occasions. My favored one, pictured here, is out of Ulla Johnson. A bit chic for my every day, but if you add a casual coat it is just ideal.

Final Tip

Irrespective of how rugged, hardy, or protective boot looks, you would like to make sure that they actually are intended to be water-proof or weatherproof before purchasing.




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