If you love to eat cheese or just simply loves to make a cheese sandwich, then choosing the best cheese slicer is very important to give you efficiency and reduce the time for meal preparation. Before moving forward tell me Are you guilty of using a knife to slice a cheese? a knife alone might not give you perfect results in slicing various sizes of cheese, I believe you know it better. Now is the time to opt for the best one that will do the job efficiently.

Guess what vast variety of cheese slicer brands are available on the market, But in this article, our experts will share their reviews, and a list of the best cheese slicer available on the market today to help you while you make your purchase decision.

Best Cheese Slicer List

8 Best Cheese Slicer List
Bellemain Slicer
Westmark Cheese Slicers
Oxo Cheese Slicer
Prodyne Cheese Slicer
Boska Cheese Slicer
Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer
Barmix Cheese Slicer
Norpro Cheese Slicer

Bellemain Slicer

With this Bellemain slicer, you can cut up your cheese block to different sized pieces and maintain the consistency of each of them. 

It may be as thin as a paper or 3.5 inches wide depending upon just how tight you twist the brass knobs on each side. Whatever can be the thickness, its design and smooth handle lets you manage them comfortably. 

This Bellemain is somewhat on the heavy side since it’s made of zinc alloy and thanks to the stout construction, can last for quite long time. If it doesn’t, however, the makers promise to cover you with a full year guarantee!


In addition, the replacement wire made of stainless steel is provided with slicer. If it breaks once, you don’t have to go looking for another one instantly. 

Why Bellemain Is The Best Cheese Slicer?

  • What We Liked is the Replacement wire, Three degrees of thickness, Long lasting, Easy handler, One year guarantee, Really Inexpensive 
  • What We Didn’t Like is the pretty good weight.

Westmark Cheese Slicers

Main sections of westmark slicer’s ergonomic design are the blade made of stainless steel and the handle shining in the aluminum cast. A plank constructed with ABS material can also be provided, along with an adjustable scale for measuring the width of the pieces.

Its powers aren’t limited to just cutting off cheese! Food items like cucumbers, sausages and more could also be put under its blade to supply perfect slices.

So whenever you have to prepare a fast dish based on cheese along with other ingredients, you don’t have to rush to and fro to manage each of the pieces. Just cut them all at once on one plank! 

Cleaning it, is also pretty straightforward. All you’d need is some soap or whatever you use to wash other dishes, and a brush to scrape off the residue.

westmark cheese slicer

In case it doesn’t live up to your anticipation, you’ve the right to get your money back because of its 5-year guarantee. 

Why Westmark Is The Best Cheese Slicer?

  • What We Liked in Westmark is that it’s Made in Germany, Stainless steel blade, Aluminium handle, Can handle both food and cheese, Adjustable thickness, Easy to clean, Five-year guarantee 
  • What we didn’t like was it being Expensive 

Oxo Cheese Slicer

This slicer from OXO has lasted for quite a very long time on the market. It first came out around 2006 and remains strongly competing with the revolutionary counterparts.

Many old clients have voiced their satisfaction with the merchandise since it lasted for so long as seven years without any interference.

The wires are loaded and tightened via a wheel. 1 or 2 substitute wires are offered with every item which include molded end caps to keep themselves set up. 

Nevertheless, the precision at which the angle has to be adjusted to your desired piece thickness takes some time to repay. This is the principal error most users had to go through after purchasing the slicers.

In addition, the wires of this oxo stainless steel slicer last longer compared to the plastic tension wheel.

Oxo Cheese Slicer

Even though the wires may easily be replaced by the extra wires provided, same cannot be done with the wheel. So if the wheel becomes damaged or broken and becomes unable to serve, you probably will have to purchase a completely different cutter.

Why Oxo Is The Best Cheese Slicer?

  • What We Liked in Oxo is the Replaceable wire, convenient tension wheel, Zinc construction, Very durable, Comfortable handle, Dishwasher safe and it’s also Affordable
  • What we didn’t enjoy that its own reel is plastic, tough to adjust the angle, so cannot cut thin enough slices.

Prodyne Cheese Slicer

Prodyne is known to be hard-wearing and shock absorbing. It can withstand gouging, scratching and strong acts longer than other forests.

In addition to, this board contains non-slip rubber legs that will help keep it in place during cutting the slices.

However, throwing a merchandise of beech timber in the dishwasher can cause warping and therefore harm it to get good.

With these slicers and most of similar goods of this series, the employed design is exclusive to Prodyne. They contain a sleek black arm and manage integrated into the plank.

A wire made from stainless steel sits tight between the arm and the plank.

Prodyne Cheese Slicer

This wire comes along with a life time warranty against breakage, which implies you might get a replacement wire any time that it gets damaged. All you have to do is send the stretched or broken one to the producers plus they’ll deliver you the substitute wire at no cost! 

Why Prodyne Is The Best Cheese Slicer?

  • What We Liked is Prodyne wires are Replaceable, Stylish arm and manage, Can cut really thin slices, Lightweight, Lifetime warranty against wire breakage 
  • What We Didn’t Like is that it’s not dishwasher safe 

Boska Cheese Slicer

This Boska slicer looks the simplest among all similar options. It appears exactly like a simple scooping instrument but with a twist!

That makes it one of the Best cheese slicer for home usage. 

The sharp thin blade has been assembled into the handle in a smart fashion in order that you could manage the cheese block and then store the resulting slices conveniently.

The whole structure is made out of stainless steel and therefore is somewhat pricier than its competitors. 

There are no wires involved with this and therefore, there’s no need to continuously having to adjust or substitute them!

However this also implies that you couldn’t even customize your pieces ’ depth according to your wish.

The well-constructed and sturdy slicer is meant particularly for semi-hard to hard cheese, although many users have expressed satisfaction cutting soft cheese with it too.

Boska Cheese Slicer

To clean it up after use, simply leave them in the dishwasher and unwind!

Its amazing 10-year warranty is evidence enough of how confident the producers are all about its quality and sturdiness. 

Why Boska Is The Best Cheese Slicer?

  • What We Liked is that Boska is dishwasher safe, Stainless steel blade and handle, Intelligent European design, 10-year warranty, No wire
  • What We Didn’t Like is its Not wide enough for Larger blocks, No depth adjustment,Costly 

Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer

Probably the most beautiful goods on our list is this Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer with tasteful and natural marble designs. 

On the contrasting white and gray beams of sleek marble surface, a cable made of stainless steel is embedded to cut both hard and soft cheese.

In case it gets broken, then you can immediately alter it with the two extra wires provided at no cost. 

Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer

Marble is a very safe element to build any kitchen tool out of because it is no inclination to soak humidity up or odor from the food kept on it.

So while working with it, you don’t even have to worry about creating the surface moist and in the same time, the put cheese can be kept at a cool temperature. 

The rubber legs of the board can help to avoid pointless and frequent sliding, allowing you to complete the job faster.

This slicer can not be thrown into the dishwasher due to its material.

However it may be washed faster by simply placing the slicer in water, providing it a good rub with soap and following that pat-drying it! 

Why Fox Run Is The Best Cheese Slicer?

  • What We Liked Fox Run is made of marble, Two substitute cables, Non-slip rubber legs, Attractive appearance, Uniform slices, Easy to clean
  • What We Didn’t Like that it Can’t handle large chunks of cheese 

Barmix Cheese Slicer

It doesn’t only work on creating thin slices of cheese but additionally can be utilized as a peeler and pie server if you desire, because of its European configuration,

The thin gap inside determines the width of the slices produced and could be altered up by changing the angle at which it is held. 

The handle is long enough to hold comfortably and has black rubber coat over it, which makes it much easier to operate. Its construction allows better slicing on tough or semi-hard cheese than the milder varieties. 

Barmix Cheese Slicer

After getting done with the slices, simply place it in the dishwasher and move on to other tasks for the day. If this doesn’t satisfy your needs or criteria, you can either ask for getting your money back or for a replacement slicer. 

Why Barmix Is The Best Cheese Slicer?

  • What We Liked that Barmix is non-slip rubberized handle, Dishwasher safe, Affordable, European design, Money back if not satisfied, Lightweight 
  • What We Do Not enjoy its Inconsistent thickness, Lean pieces only, Not for large cheese cubes, Not durable 

Norpro Cheese Slicer

The last one on our record is norpro Cheese Slicer and is also of European design. There’s no hassle of controlling your stresses wire cutters at the slicer, however that also means you can’t adjust the thickness of those slices as your desire.

The resulting pieces might also to be uneven in shape because there’s not any mechanism provided to maintain consistency.

The pieces usually come out reasonably narrow in shape. So if you continuously need to use thick pieces, this isn’t the one for you. 

It’s easy to work with due to the rounded handle, which also contains a small hole to hang it up on the wall following use. It can cut both hard and soft cheese.

Norpro Cheese Slicer

Letting the dishwasher clean up it is a much better idea than doing this by hand, due to the sharp blade inside.

Why Fox Norpro Is The Best Cheese Slicer?

  • What We Liked that norpro is durable, Lightweight, Dishwasher safe, No hassle of wires, Really reasonably priced.
  • What We Didn’t Like is that it can make Uneven pieces, No thickness adjustment, parts are too big.

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